When Can I Make a Claim for Roof Hail Damage?

When Can I Make a Claim for Roof Hail Damage?
January 15, 2023

Insurance policies differ depending on the provider, state and property type -Still, in most cases it’s best to file a claim for hail damage immediately after it occurs. If a severe storm hits your area with hail, contact your insurance provider to discuss filing a claim as soon as possible to give yourself the highest odds of getting the best coverage. In some instances, insurers may even provide emergency coverage while your roof repair or replacement is getting completed.

An Unexpected Occurrence

It comes out of nowhere and is often entirely unexpected. It might happen on a sunny or cloudy day. Suddenly, dime-sized to baseball-sized ice balls fall from the sky and hit your property, vehicle, and house. While unusual in our region, Hailstorms occur almost every year, and when they do, many residents are left anxious and bewildered about what to do following the storm. Our clients usually have a lot of concerns about hail damage to their roofs and how to go about filing an insurance claim. Blue Angel Roofing has been aiding customers with storm damage repair and insurance claim mitigation for many years. One of the most frequent and critical concerns we hear from homeowners is: How long do I have to submit an insurance claim for hail damage to my roof?

And the solution is…

Despite being one of the most often asked questions, there is no definite response since it always depends on your insurance company and the terms of your policy. Most businesses typically provide a window of time up to one year after the occurrence. However, depending on the policy and supplier, it might be longer or shorter. Immediately after the occurrence, filing a claim is the best line of action. However, many homeowners need to be made aware that a hailstorm has occurred or are uninformed of the severity of the damage that hail particles may inflict on their roofing system. It is very unusual for us to uncover roof damage many months after a storm, and we can often gain insurance approvals for our clients up to a year or more after the incident.

How to Get Started

Regardless of the timeframe from the storm’s date, you should call a local and professional storm damage repair contractor in your area as soon as possible to arrange an inspection and evaluation of your home’s roofing system. A professionally trained roofing expert is your best option for evaluating the degree of storm damage to your property. Their educated and keen eye will be crucial in determining covered roof damage. Even if you have already filed a claim and had your roof “inspected” by an adjuster from your insurance company, it is prudent to seek the advice of a certified and experienced roofer. They can often identify areas of damage that the adjuster may have noticed or ignored. Since insurance companies often want to pay for the least amount of damage possible and routinely work to deny legitimate claims, it is in your best interest to get the opinion of an experienced roofer.

Filing a Claim

If it is found following an examination by a trained roofing contractor that you do indeed have coverable damage to your roofing system, you should call your insurance provider and begin the claims process. They will dispatch an adjuster to your house for an inspection, and you can also invite your roofing contractor to this meeting. Your roofing contractors should be there to inform the adjuster of their findings. They should assist and facilitate the procedures on your behalf. After all, their trained eye has already identified and documented the degree of the harm. Throughout the process, your roofer will serve as your champion. Remember that your insurance provider wants to pay as little as possible for repairs. Having the advice of an ally and advocate, such as Blue Angel Roofing, may be a lifeline for homeowners throughout the insurance claims process. We are often able to help homeowners with the filing and approval processes. We have an unrivaled connection with adjusters and insurance companies since we have been engaged in the process for many years. Our knowledge and drive in aiding our customers with wind and hail roofing repair issues have helped us position ourselves as one of the DFW area’s best storm damage restoration and insurance mitigation experts.

Be Sure to Call Today

As previously indicated, most carriers allow up to twelve months to make a hail insurance claim. Even if time is running out for the most recent storm, you may still inventory your home and determine whether a new roof is an option. You owe it to yourself to contact and schedule an appointment with our roof hail damage insurance experts for your peace of mind. Many homeowners are unaware of the tremendous damage hail storms may wreak to their home’s roofing system. The damage is far from cosmetic and should be rectified as soon as possible by a roofing professional. If you believe a hailstorm has damaged your house, make the wise decision to contact the specialists at Blue Angel Roofing. We are always eager and accessible to help customers with storm damage identification, insurance claims support, and any other roofing services they need!