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Gutter systems direct water away from your roof and the surfaces it covers. Roof pooling caused by damaged or clogged roof gutters can lead to expensive roof damage and even water damage to your property over time. Fortunately, you can do something to prevent such a disaster from happening.

Here at Blue Angel, our expert roofing contractors can spare you the inconveniences caused by a blocked or defective gutter. When installing a gutter, a reliable contractor must pay attention to many factors—which our trusted roofing contractors can perform efficiently. Roof damage and leaks can occur from obstructed or poorly installed gutter systems. Moreover, water infiltration gradually weakens the structural integrity of your home and damages your furnishings and interior.

Other roofing contractors frequently overlook the small things, but our team will pay close attention to these areas. Only choose reliable and experienced contractors to care for your roof or gutters as much as possible. Choose Blue Angel Roofing for all your gutter installation and maintenance needs, and work with a professional you can rely on!

Importance of Gutter and Gutter Guard Installation

Did you know that installing a roof gutter and gutter guard on your property is crucial? If you want to know how it can save your property from loss, continue reading this article.

The accumulated moisture from your roof pools or drains near the foundation can cause significant damage to your property. However, these risks can be avoided by having a properly functioning gutter system. A clogged gutter cannot efficiently transport water, causing moisture damage over time. That’s why you need to install gutter guards—screens that protect your gutters to keep debris out and prevent gutter clogging.

Thus, every homeowner should prioritize timely roof gutter installation to protect their homes. With Blue Angel Roofing Company, we guarantee that you will receive the best and high-quality roof gutter and gutter guard installation services in town since we don’t want you to deal with the headaches of a damaged gutter.

Types of Gutters

We provide two main gutter types for residential roofs: Half-round gutters and K-style.

As the name suggests, half-round gutters look like half of a tube. Because half-round gutters are smooth, debris can flow through them easily.

K-style gutters seem to be more attractive and come in a variety of styles and shapes. Such gutters can hold more water than half-round gutters and are more visually appealing; as a result, K-style gutters are more common.

Gutter Materials

Roof gutters are available in different types of materials:

  • Aluminum is the most commonly used metal because it offers a favorable balance of price and quality. 
  • Copper is a great material option suitable for homeowners with enough budget, but it is usually too pricey to install on a commercial building. 
  • Due to their durability and longevity, many people prefer galvanized steel and galvalume metal for both commercial and residential roofs. 

Blue Angel Roofing is pleased to provide custom-made gutters in copper, aluminum, Galvalume metal, and galvanized steel!

Installation of Seamless Gutters

Sectional gutters are shorter lengths of gutter connected. On the other hand, seamless gutters are the best option for design effectiveness since it provides fewer possibilities for leaks to take place. Moreover, our clients appreciate their increased durability. Blue Angel Roofing has the skills and expertise to custom-manufacture seamless gutters for your house or business on-site!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters are more expensive than sectional gutters, but most experts will tell you it is well worth the extra money. They are significantly more durable, require less upkeep, and can lower the danger of damage to your home because they are less prone to leaks.

Which gutter size should I install?

The most typical size is between five and six inches, and the ideal option for your property is primarily determined by the climate where you reside. If your region is susceptible to heavy rainfall, the six-inch type is preferable for rain gutter installation because it can carry much more water.

How long do seamless gutters take to install?

Since seamless gutters are fitted to the specified specifications of your property, they may be installed more quickly than sectional gutters. Most installations can be done in a single day, but it may take longer if your house is large or if you have existing gutters that require removal.

Can I paint my seamless metal gutters?

If you opt for seamless aluminum gutters, then you can paint them. But, make sure to choose and use the right products. You should avoid anything containing ammonia since it can react with aluminum. Both steel and aluminum gutters are available in a wide range of colors, so you might not need to paint them if you go with an option currently attached to your property.

Why is Blue Angel the right choice?

Are you looking for a local gutter installer? Blue Angel Roofing & General Contracting offers gutter repair and installation services through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Don’t risk water damage to your property due to a clogged, leaky, or poorly installed gutter! For more information on our gutter services, give us a call today.