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Roof Replacements By Professional Roofers

The day your roof is installed is the most pivotal day in its life. We will install your roofing system while following the proper roofing techniques to offer you peace of mind. Other roof installation companies sometimes take shortcuts or ignore the specifics. But here at Blue Angel Roofing, we guarantee our customers that we follow the most effective and efficient roof installation process, as we know that professional roof installation is crucial for keeping your roof investment. The exact steps for roof installation may vary from one contractor to the other. But here's how our professional roofing contractors will deal with this roofing project. Listed below are the steps we take to guarantee quality roofing service:

Delivery of Roofing Materials

Our priority is to provide all of the roofing materials to your home. Usually, our roofing contractors will have them delivered a night before or on the day of your roof replacement. The size of your roof will determine how much roofing material is delivered to you.

Once our professional roofers arrive, they will keep the roofing materials in a dry area close to the roof entry point. Our contractors will not deliver the materials several days in advance since your shingles might pile up on your lawn and ruin it— that is the last thing we want to happen. 

Set Up Property Protection

Getting your property ready for the roof tear-off is the next step in replacing your roof. During this time, we will start tarping the disposal zone’s ground and putting tarps to protect your landscaping and vegetation.

This is where our expert roof technicians will take all essential measures to safeguard your property during the roof replacement. 

Removal of Old Roof

After we finish covering everything, we will start to remove your old roofing in parts. We will initiate the tear-off process at the top on your ridge and tear off all shingles and underlayment to the bare decking. This will allow us to inspect the existing decking material and make sure it is suitable for shingle installation.

After pulling off a portion, some installers will stand behind to continue installing your roofing system, while others will keep on tearing off the remaining old roofing segments. This system can help us save time and reduce the traffic on your roof.

Cleaning of Gutters  

Your gutters will be cleaned once a portion is ripped off and cleared away. Any roofing debris, leaves, and other potential obstructions will also be removed from your gutters.

Cleaning out your gutters isn’t just something that should be done during a roof replacement; it should also be done regularly as part of your annual roof maintenance.

Start Installing Your Roofing Materials  

After the tear-off and gutter cleaning, we will prepare to install your new roof system. Our roofers will systematically move around the house, following the removed parts.

After removing a section, they’ll install the underlayment and attach the drip edge. Then, they will start to put your starter shingles and shingles following your chosen installation method—depending on the weather.

Once the shingles are installed, the ridge capping will be placed. 

Be mindful that the longevity of your roof depends not only on the installer’s workmanship but also on the quality of the roofing materials. It would be best to invest in high-quality roofing materials to make the most of your roof replacement.

Roof Cleanup After the Roof Replacement  

We will initiate the cleanup process after your new roof has been installed. We will blow off your roof to dump all of the debris on the dump tarps.

Moreover, our roofers will clear up any roofing debris on your downspouts and gutters. Once they get off your roof, they’ll spend a few hours on the ground. This is when they will roll up all the tarps, collect their tools, and clean up everything on the ground. They will also go all over your home with a strong magnet to ensure they obtain all the nails. After our team leaves, it should appear as if we were never there. 

Final Review

Our roofing contractors will double-check the result after your property has been cleaned up and your roof has been replaced. They’ll climb onto your roof, look around, and guarantee that the roof adheres to the high standards you anticipate when investing in a roof replacement with us.

We will also double-check and seal the spots prone to regular leakages, such as on chimneys, skylights, around penetrations, etc. Regardless of which contractor you hire, they must constantly examine their work to ensure that your roof was correctly erected and that all local codes were followed.

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