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Sometimes, you are ok doing a simple repair on your roof. The usual determining factor is if there is just a couple of shingles damaged or one or two minor sections, it is ok doing a repair. One thing to consider if a repair is adequate. The color of shingles replaced will be different and show on the roof unless you purchase the same brand, color, and from the same batch plant. Many times, a roof calls for a full replacement if the shingles are too old and brittle to be repaired properly or there is evident hail or wind damage all over the roof.

Modern drone technology presents many conveniences when it comes to inspection, measurements, and aerial photography, and we use the technology to our customer’s benefit. That said, it is important to assess damage close up with a human visual inspection to ensure we understand the roof’s condition, and that we meet insurance requirements so the home owner receives the maximum insurance payment. When inspections and measurements are inaccurate it is costly for the homeowner, and creates challenges for the insurance adjusters. In-person visual inspection speeds the approval process if the property owner is collecting on an insurance claim, and provides an accurate assessment to receive the maximum insurance reimbursement. We use the aerial measurements to help with product order accuracy, and for before and after photos. Be sure to ask for the photos when your project is complete.

The short answer to this questions is ….YES. We want to be there. We will advise you to request an in-person adjuster inspection, and not an aerial inspection. We will coordinate our schedule to attend the adjuster meeting, and review our findings with the adjuster so that nothing is missed, and all the damage is reported to the insurance carrier. We are there as your advocate; to hold the adjuster accountable for a thorough and accurate inspection and report. The adjuster’s accuracy will determine the outcome of your insurance claim. Throughout the process, from inspection to project completion, we will serve as your liaison with your insurance company to get your claim funded to its fullest extent.

Who is responsible for cleaning my property and removing roof debris?

As a general rule, insurance premiums do not increase from a claim caused by Mother Nature.

Nothing is indestructible, but impact resistant shingles (Class 4) do provide added protection compared to architectural laminate shingles. Impact resistant shingles withstand greater impact. Hail size and the shingle age play a major role in the extent of damage to impact resistant shingles. The short answer is, yes, impact resistant shingle provide added protection, which translates to added value to many property owners.

Yes. It is a law that property owners pay the contracted deductible portion of an insurance claim. Many insurance companies require proof of payment to the contractor. Any contractor that offers to eliminate your deductible is putting you at risk of losing your insurance coverage, and a legal battle. DO NOT do business with a contractor who uses this strategy to get your business.

So glad you asked. This is an area that Blue Angel Roofing and General Contractors is head-and-shoulders above other contractor. We have proven success working with insurance companies and getting the funding necessary to complete the required restorations. Typically, the initial insurance approval does not cover everything on the restoration estimate. We are meticulous in the preparation of documentation to support the need for funds to complete the project. We are your liaison with the insurance carrier to secure approval for the funds necessary to properly complete your project.

Yes. We carry a $2 million liability policy, so property owners can rest assured that any liability is covered by our policy.

We offer a two-year labor warranty on all roofs, and it is fully transferable to the next property owner.