5 Questions to Ask Following Hail Damage to Your Home

5 Questions to Ask Following Hail Damage to Your Home
January 28, 2023

Hail storms may be frightening for homeowners. The first line of protection against the elements is your roof; severe hail damage may impair that barrier overnight. It’s challenging to know what to do immediately once your house has been damaged by hail. Blue Angel Roofing, on the other hand, being a roofing business with years of expertise helping homeowners keep their roofs intact, understands how to cope with hail. Here are the five most important things to ask following hail damage to your roof.

How bad was the storm?

Hail usually sounds terrible from the inside, so it’s easy to believe your roof has been damaged following a hail storm. However, not every hail may cause damage to your roof. That implies you should first attempt to evaluate the storm’s severity. Pay special attention to hail storm weather forecasts since they often describe the characteristics of the hail in terms of size and color. Large, clear hailstones are more likely to cause roof damage than smaller, opaque hailstones. If the hail is characterized as “pea-sized,” your roof is probably OK. However, hail one inch or greater in diameter is a reason for alarm.

How much damage did the hail do to my roof?

Without a thorough assessment, you won’t know whether your roof has been damaged by hail. You may notice specific indicators of hail damage on your own. These indicators include loose shingles or broken roof tiles, as well as damage to your property’s gutters, decks, mailboxes, or other external components.

However, scheduling a roof inspection is the best approach to determine the extent of the damage. A skilled roofing firm can tell you precisely what components of your roof are and how seriously they have been damaged. Many roofers will provide this service for free. That implies that even if the hail was minor, it’s still a good idea to examine your roof.

Is roof hail damage covered under my insurance policy?

Insurance plans may not usually offer hail damage coverage. However, this coverage is more often provided in locations where hail storms are regular. Despite this, after the storm, there is usually a defined window of time to claim hail damage. As a result, if your house is protected from hail damage, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is processed.

Is it preferable to repair or replace my roof?

Hail damage to your roof may be light to severe, just as it can be small or enormous. When selecting whether to repair or replace your roof, the damage is usually the most critical aspect. However, this is not the only issue to consider. It’s typically a brilliant idea to replace your roof if it’s already in bad repair or is nearing the end of its warranty. Repairs to an already damaged roof will not last long, and leaving the damage unattended might result in hazardous circumstances. A professional roofer can assist you in making the best decision for your property.

How do I choose a contractor to repair hail damage to my roof?

Choosing a roofer may be difficult, particularly if you need to repair hail damage on your roof. This is because significant hail damage often causes homeowners to be frantic to get the damage repaired as soon as possible, leaving them susceptible to some of the more popular roofing frauds.

The ideal roofer is often a well-established roofing firm that is locally based, experienced, and communicative. If you have the time, check over the evaluations of different firms and ask for referrals.

BLUE ANGEL ROOFING, your go-to for roof inspections and hail damage repairs.

Blue Angel Roofing takes pride in protecting people and their families from hail damage. We provide free hail damage assessments to help you know what’s going on with your roof. And if your roof needs repairs, our staff is ready to help before the next storm. If you are concerned that your house has recently been damaged by hail, or if you just want us to check sure your roof is in excellent condition, call Blue Angel Roofing now for an inspection!