Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas in Allen, Texas is a beautiful temple that is dedicated to the Hindu gods Radha and Krishna. The temple is open to the public and offers a variety of services, including prayer services, classes, and cultural events. The temple is also home to a large community of Hindus who come from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area to worship at the temple.

Things To Do

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas was founded in 1998 by a group of Hindu devotees who were looking for a place to worship and celebrate their faith. The temple has since grown into a large and thriving community, and it continues to grow every year. The temple is open to all faiths and welcomes everyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism or just experience the beauty of the temple.

First of all, the temple itself is very serene. Its marble flooring makes it a very serene place to worship. It is not a large temple, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet. There are also several classes and workshops you can participate in, including yoga and meditation. There’s plenty of parking at the temple. It is also a great place for wedding ceremonies and other religious events.

The Dallas Radha Krishna Temple nourishes souls and bodies. It is one of the few Hindu temples in the United States that offers vegetarian food. Foodies should not miss the Yugal Kunj Canteen, located on the temple’s campus. The menu features a variety of vegetarian dishes and is rotated every so often.


The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is a popular destination for families in the DFW area. The temple holds annual festivals throughout the year. The Holi Hungama festival draws thousands of visitors each year. This festival features a special dance and music performance and a variety of activities for the whole family. Since opening its doors, the temple community has celebrated all the Hindu festivals and actively engages with the local community.

If you’re ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, be sure to visit the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas. It’s a beautiful temple with a warm and welcoming community. You’ll be glad you did!

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