Play Street Museum

The Play Street Museum in Allen, Texas provides a wonderful experience for the whole family. From interactive exhibits to children’s theater events, this interactive space is designed to engage children while they learn and explore. Perfect for little ones of all ages, the museum offers a wide variety of activities such as science experiments, art projects and music workshops. If you’re looking for an exciting day out with your little ones, the Play Street Museum is a great option that promises plenty of fun!

What To Do

The Play Street Museum is a great place for family fun. Not your average museum, this interactive space allows kids to engage with their surroundings like never before. Every corner of the museum presents a different activity encouraging children to explore and use their imaginations. From a hands-on art studio to puppet theatres, there are loads of activities provided to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Even special themed rooms offer lots of possibilities, including the Plant room where young learners can learn about the local flora and fauna as they get hands-on experience planting a garden or tending to animals. With these exciting opportunities, the Play Street Museum in Allen is an ideal setting for allowing young minds to expand and grow while having plenty of fun along the way.


Play Street Museum is an interactive museum which is like a playground for kids and encourages learning through play. It boasts numerous attractions for both children and adults to be fully entertained. Attractions include bounce houses, obstacle courses, rock climbing walls, toddler areas, museums about transportation and food plus more! The museum also hosts special events such as Mother’s Day lunches and Christmas Carnival Tot Town with Santa Claus. Furthermore, there are evening events available for adults with adult themes so everyone can find something fun to do at Play Street Museum.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a trip to Play Street Museum there are plenty of activities and options for visitors to choose from. Families can explore endless possibilities and create lifelong memories with the dynamic and interactive play installations like the Forts Room, Water Features Room, and so much more. Activities are split into hourly sessions which allows guests to plan their visit according to their own schedule. Younger guests also have the option of engaging in creative art projects within their Open Art Studios while parents can relax with a cup of coffee in their café. When visiting this exciting destination, you will never run out of things to do!

Overall, the Play Street Museum is an excellent addition to the community. Its family-friendly atmosphere and myriad of activities provide a much-needed outlet for indoor fun. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend quality time with your family or simply need a quiet place to relax, this museum has something for everyone. With its unique and interactive exhibits, it’s no wonder why this museum has become one of the premier attractions in the city. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun day out with the kids or some much-needed alone time, the Play Street Museum is definitely worth checking out.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a fun destination definitely check out Celebration Park! Open from sunrise until 10 pm, this 42 acre park offers a variety of different amenities for visitors to enjoy. Whether it be walking the trails in the wooded area, participating in any leisurely activities at one of their many playgrounds or participating in more active pursuits such as basketball or sand volleyball, there’s something here for everyone. If you’re bringing your family along, there are plenty of picnic areas with grills that are available most days of the week. If you’ve got little ones traveling with you they can make use of age appropriate obstacles courses to help show off their strength and agility in a fun and safe environment. With its magnetic charm, you’ll need to be sure to come back again soon!

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