Allen Heritage Village

Allen Heritage Village is a living history museum in Allen, Texas that offers visitors a glimpse into the past. The village features restored and replicated buildings from the 1800s and early 1900s. Visitors can explore the buildings and learn about life in the past. The village also hosts special events throughout the year, such as Civil War reenactments and pioneer days.

Things To Do

Allen Heritage Village is an historic district in Allen, Texas with many things to see and do. This recreated village contains many interesting historical buildings, such as the restored St. Mary Church and Allen Christian Church, as well as grounds where special events can take place. There are also rotating exhibits at the Allen Depot museum, and a peaceful stone dam that dates back to 1912. If you’re planning a trip to Allen, consider taking a guided tour of Allen Heritage Village.

There are several places to eat, shop, and play in the Village, and the Allen Skatepark is great for skating, BMX biking, and inline skating. You can even meet some local skaters at the park’s snack bar or media room. Another place to visit is the Allen Topgolf, which has a food and drink service, as well as live music. Guests can also play high-tech driving range games at the Allen Topgolf location.


The city values preserving its history and has created the Allen Heritage Village. The Village features fascinating buildings and a restored church. The area is a place to learn about local history and culture. If you want to see a piece of history up close, Allen Heritage Village is the place to go.

Allen is a great destination for families. There are several attractions for children, including a water play area, an indoor rock-climbing wall, and a fitness center. Families can also participate in Red Cross lessons and open swim fun days. There are plenty of things to do for all ages in Allen.


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